Psychedelic-Futuristic design as work of art

Die neue Kunst- und Architekturrichtung Psychedelic-Futuristic Design wurde von der italienischen Künstlerin und Erfinderin Assunta Spissu ins Leben gerufen, in Zusammenarbeit mit Architekten und Designers aus verschiedenen Kontinenten.

"The Psychedelic Futuristic Architecture is the next dimensions of architecture. These Music Studios are developed with this theme as well as it also define various mood of the musicians. It reflects the depth of the music and have the adaptability sense of inspiration for the composers and writer. The Psychedelic Futuristic Art is towards the next step of philosophies and the state of mind. In other words, the style of Architecture represents the FREEDOM of human mind and soul. It boldly says, "Go ahead and follow you footprints." Psychedelic Designs touches the psychic ability and helps in the journey towards chakra activation.

Psychedelic Futuristic Art and Architecture is the journey within."


Rushank V Mishra

Music Studios Installations

Design: Rushank V Mishra and Assunta Spissu

interior design

design: Shyam Clement and Assunta Spissu

interior design

Design: Hicham Amjjah and Assunta Spissu

interior design

design : Vip-Shadi Mordaa and Assunta Spissu