Assunta Spissu, artist, inventor and writer

 Even as a child she excelled through her special literary and artistic talent, that allowed her to attend the most elite boarding schools in Italy (among others the renowned 'Collegio delle Fanciulle' at Palazzo Archinto in Milan).
During grammar school, at the age of 17, she was co-founder of the Italian Akróama TLS Contemporary Art Theater, which quickly established itself internationally, and conquered the most renowned international festivals (Spoleto, Edinburgh, Santarcangelo, etc.).
'... The violent emotion, open sensuality overwhelmed me with its purity… making Peter Brook's anthropological experiments seem silly and unconvincing in comparison...' (Bonnie Marranca, Performing Arts, New York)

Her solo performances in Vienna collect an exceptionally high level of enthusiasm from both audience and critics.
'With superlatives one should never be inflationary, but a body of genius is here at work. With breathtaking suggestiveness and expressivity, of exploding passion ...' - wrote Heinz Sichrovsky, one of the most important cultural critics in Austria (currently the managing editor of 'News').
'... One of the most fascinating Italian artists of movement... In dance, without words, always indicating her conviction: I am art.' Konrad Kramar (Kronen Zeitung).
“Creator of trends and important leading figure... the little brunette with great intensity of body has in the mean-time realized on her own three productions, from texts to dramaturgies... The experience in every performance is as exciting as Hitchcock...' (Die Bühne)
'... She`s been described as a phenomenal expressive artist from Sardinia, as ‘the most fascinating artist of movement', whose goal of work is an 'earthquake': Assunta Spissu. Her art: dance theatre of maximum consequence...' (Kurier )
'... The preparation of the actor, the training of body and voice are at the center, show the spectator how much intensity, concentration and discipline there is in these scenes that hover between pantomime, dance and clowning...' (Die Presse)
'.... When Assunta Spissu performed her solo program to the public it literally took their breath away. The critics did not spare in their hymns of praise ...' 'From herself as well as from her collaborators the petite Assunta Spissu expects the utmost. Yet she makes theater for her own interests: as an elixir to stay alive... '(Ditta Rudle)
'... Assunta Spissu, dancer, director, actress, writer and conceptual artist effortlessly substitutes with her Theater solos on a bare stage an entire spectacle of installations and costumes of Serapionstheater ...' (Theater-Guide)

In addition, she has directed many courses in acting and dance, giving start to successful careers in the field of theater, television and film.
'Presence, mastery of the body, concentration, energy and creativity of the actor are taught in drama classes by Assunta Spissu in a way that leads to a synthesis of expressiveness and sincerity…' (Wiener Zeitung)

In the field of visual arts she has created, through works of painted-over photography, the new artistic movement 'mytho-futuristic-expressionism' and by sculpture-relief, the current 'futuristic-memorial-art'.

Her 'erotic self-portraits' of the years 2003-2006 give further testimony of her exceptional artistic and physical self-formation, which Heinz Sichrovsky rightly described as 'the 'unimaginably perfect functioning of a body and a will...'

From 2000 until 2008, she also wrote the books 'Amore sono le sei', 'Love? Three stories of ordinary extraordinary love.' and 'The artist and the search for the ideal man'. These are love stories which aim at clear and positive societal reforms.

In her Music-Theater performances she created vocal and musical compositions of expressive and deep intensity and collections of poetry of high artistic level.
From 2004 until 2014 she also focused on design-inventions, especially (on the basis of her competence in body and movement) in the field of health and fitness - with the vision to enable a more beautiful and happier society.

2011 her innovation company got an award from the city of Vienna for an invention. The company   came in the book of the best of  the Vienna economy.

In Sept. 2013, she received the 1st prize in Milan "Finestra Eterea" for her  polyhedral art.


Rushank V Mishra, architect, writer & muralist


rushanK Virendra mishrA is the founder and partner of Architekcure Design Studio previously known as Humanolic Architecture Network. He started his journey through taking up the interviews of the architects around him and after that realised that their stories need to be spread among the scholars and professionals. In the sense of expanding the group he changed the original format of the network and working for the same. Today Architekcure Design Studio is working in various fields like interviewing the achievers, researching on materials, interacting with the community and researching for the architectural solutions for the masses.
He is a graduate from School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal and the recipient of a Diploma in Architecture Assistantship from Aryabhat Polytechnic, Delhi.


Hicham Amjjah, interior architect, photographer


Coming from Tangier, Hicham Amjjah  is a Moroccan artist, who has integrated a multidisciplinary formation including: interior architecture, industrial design, graphic design, audiovisual technical, fashion design, dramatic art and music production, with a high artistic sensibility, he is an active piece of the Artemassina Team.


Clement Shyam, 3D Architecturel Visualizer







Vip-Shadi Mordaa, designer, painter